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The Night I Picked Up a Ghost

I was driving home from school late one night when I saw a  woman in a white robe standing in the street. Read what happened next in this comedy/tragedy/horror story.

by Lynn WL

One night I left school quite late after studying with some friends. Instead of taking the freeway I decided to take the road less traveled - a longer and winding road which is more scenic although at night I probably wouldn't be able to see much. But I just wanted to wind down after the long day.

So I played some relaxing music as I drove down the deserted highway. I came to an area with lots of big trees on both sides of the road, and I suddenly saw a figure in a white robe with long dark hair in the distance.

"Oh fuck, not a ghost!" I thought. What now? I figured if the ghost was determined to "meet" me, there was no avoiding it. I could turn back, but it would still manage to stand in front of me. So I decided to just drive forward.

As I approached the figure I could see it was a w…