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Room 17B

Room 17B holds a dark secret. As dark as the corridors of that old hospital.

by Lynn WL

Hospitals are some of the places that give me the heebie jeebies. I associate them with suffering and death. There's also the possibility of them being haunted as so many people die there. I partly grew up in an Asian country where many of the hospitals are old, and I used to be creeped out going into a hospital.

First, you would be greeted by this typical smell of disinfectant as you walked in. Then you would see patients on wheelchairs and gurneys, some of them whimpering in pain. I remember one time I saw a woman on a gurney with blood stains on the sheet which really freaked me out. Above all, I imagined the ghosts of patients as well as doctors and nurses roam those dark and old buildings.

This past summer after completing my freshman year in college I had the chance to visit my country of birth. My grandparents from my mother's side and a few other relatives still live there. I travel…

Sleepy in Seattle

WARNING: This story is NSFW (not safe for work), and is for adult readers (18 years or older) only. If you are under 18 or are sensitive, please choose a different story to read. There are many others, including family friendly ones.

by Lynn WL

Early last summer I was going on a cruise to Alaska leaving from Seattle with my girlfriend Sandra. She's actually my childhood best friend (I'm bi and she's lesbian). We were planning to stay in Seattle for a day, and already booked a hotel. It was a quaint little waterfront hotel, and we were lucky to get an ocean view so that we could watch ships pass by.

Sandra was flying in from a different city, and she happened to have relatives in Seattle whom she wanted to spend a little time with. So we agreed to meet at the hotel some time in the evening before dinner.

I arrived in early afternoon, so I had plenty of time to kill. The weather was just perfect. It was in the mid 70s, and the sun was shining brightly. So I decided to stroll …

The woman by the lake near Houston

My girlfriend and I camped out by a lake north of Houston. We were still having lots of fun in the wee hours when we heard a woman sobbing. We went to check it out, and I really wish we hadn't.

by Lynn WL

Shelley and I had been best friends since elementary school. We had many things in common, and loved each other's company. In middle school I came to realize that I was bi, and I was physically attracted to my best friend, but I kept it to myself for obvious reasons.

In the last year of high school she shocked everyone (especially the boys who had a crush on her and were greatly disappointed) by coming out as a lesbian. I then opened up to her and told her I had always been attracted to her. To my pleasant surprise, she told me the feeling was mutual. But we didn't get into a romantic relationship immediately since I had a boyfriend at the time.

Shelley and I went to the same college the first year, during which I broke up with my boyfriend and subsequently started "…

Mom told us about the faceless ghost

It was Friday, Halloween night. Mom wanted to give us a special treat, so she told us the story of the faceless ghost. Family friendly.

by Lynn WL

The following happened when I was 9 years old. I was sharing a room with my big sister at the time, but on weekends during the warmer months I would camp out in the backyard with my 8 year old little brother Kevin. It was a lot of fun, and we both always looked forward to it.

That year Halloween fell on Friday which was an extra treat for us since we could stay up later. We had a blast trick-or-treating. I dressed as a witch, and Kevin a pirate. We got a boat load of candy, and when we got home we immediately went into the tent. As we were sorting out the candy mom suddenly appeared in front of the tent. We were both startled as we weren't expecting it, and we didn't hear any footsteps.

"Whoa, kids, go easy with the candy now, OK! Or you will have a hard time sleeping!" she said.

"Sure, mom!" we replied.


The little girl in a cold October night

October night, two weeks before Halloween. I was shocked at how cold and foggy it was as I walked out of my evening class to the bus stop. As I was waiting for the bus, a little girl walked over. She was in a tank-top and shorts, and she was barefoot.

by Lynn WL

It was 7 PM and I just got done with my evening class. I was tired and hungry, and couldn't wait to get home. But it would be a while before I could savor mom's delicious pot roast because my car was being repaired in the shop, so I had to take the bus home. Yeah, I was still living at home although I was in college

I was wearing my favorite outfit: a tank-top, distressed jeans shorts, and flip flops. I was shocked at how cold it was as I walked out the building. Where I live it very rarely gets cold in October. There must have been a strong cold front. It was my fault for not checking the weather forecast, but it had been a super busy week. I had 2 tests and a paper due. It was still warm when I left the house in the …

The night I went trick-or-treating

A not-so-scary Halloween story. Family friendly.

by Lynn WL

It was 7 pm Halloween night, and it was already dark. Although there was a full moon, the night was misty and a bit chilly. I was standing in the front porch, getting ready to go out trick-or-treating. I was 12 years old, and we lived in a very safe neighborhood, so my parents let me go out by myself. Besides, I only had to walk like a couple of blocks to my friend's house where we had agreed to meet.

I decided to dress as Little Red Riding Hood that night. She's often depicted barefoot, so I decided to go barefoot with the costume as I loved going barefoot. There was a strong wind blowing and I heard a howling sound. What was that? Could it be a wolf?

Red Riding Hood... wolf... I shuddered. Don't be silly, there are no wolves around here, I told myself. It must be the noise from the wind blowing through the bare tree branches. Then I heard an owl hooting as if summoning the dark creatures of the night to come ou…

I won a haunted doll

I won a haunted doll playing a game at the carnival. A lot of strange things have happened, and I'm really scared. Can you help me?

by Amber W

Hi. My name is Amber. I posted this story on Reddit's "Nosleep" using my big sister's account since I don't have my own. Her name is Sharleen but everyone calls her Lynn for short. She and I love ghost stories and we often read "Nosleep" together. She has also posted a few stories herself. I know sometimes people give advice there. That’s why I decided to post because something scary was happening and I didn’t know what to do.

Mom and dad don’t believe me. They tell me I’m a silly girl whose been reading too many horror stories. Well, I recently read a book about haunted dolls which was really creppy, so I don't know if this was just a coincidence. Anyway, Lynn was at summer camp so she couldn’t post my story for me. But she is really nice and we get along well, so I knew she wouldn’t get mad at me or an…

The Storyteller

I met a wonderful storyteller at a mountain resort. She offered to tell me ghost stories in a private session. It was an experience I would never forget.

by Lynn WL

My parents used to bring me on vacation as part of my birthday present which I really cherished. For my 10th birthday they took me to Disney World, and I had the time of my life (see the link to this fun story at the bottom).*

The following summer I went with them to the Smoky Mountains for my 11th birthday, and it was a time I would never forget. We were staying in the same resort my parents did on their honeymoon. “It’s very beautiful there. You’re gonna love it, Lynn,” my dad told me as he knew I loved nature.

We arrived there early evening on Sunday, and I was indeed thrilled to be there. The beauty of the mountains was unparalleled. Our resort was surrounded by forest, and we stayed in a rustic cabin overlooking the mountains.

As mom and dad were unpacking, I stood in the veranda admiring the magnificent surroundings…

The Baby Swing

It was a chilly night, the air was still, and there was a full moon. I decided to take out the trash, and saw something strange by the dumpster - a black baby swing, and it was swinging!

by Lynn WL

I once read comments on Reddit’s Nosleep sub saying that most creepy supernatural things happen in the woods or other sparsely populated places. Cities, on the other hand, with the large population, activities, etc. somehow create a buffer that kind of protects you from supernatural entities. They say it has something to do with energy. Well, a city might offer you some protection, but you’re not totally immune.

I’m a college student living in a major city in the US. I recently moved out of my parents’ house into a 1 bedroom apartment.

One Friday night I was having a little get-together in my apartment with some of my close friends. The little party lasted well into the night. My best friend Jen decided to stay with me overnight. She said it was kind of too late to go home as she lives quit…

The Mysterious Church and Restaurant

There was an abandoned church in a sleepy mountain town. At night there was a make-shift tent in front that functioned as a restaurant. One night something really strange happened.

by Lynn WL

I'm a college student, and I love spring break because that's when I can go wild and free without being watched by my parents. Last year, however, my boyfriend Rick and I broke the norm. Instead of doing the usual wild and crazy stuff we decided to spend some romantic time together in a secluded place for spring break.

Rick grew up in West Virginia which he said was very beautiful, and he longed to see his home state which he had not been to in many years. We both loved nature, so we decided to go camping and hiking in the mountains of West Virginia.

The Appalachian mountains were indeed breathtakingly beautiful, and our campsite was very secluded. The nearest town was about 40 minutes away. It was far from the hustle and bustle of a big city, and the cool crisp mountain air was invigora…