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No More Room in Hell

Hell is full, and 2 ditsy teenage girls are trying to figure out if they will go to heaven or remain on earth.

by Lynn WL

So we all heard the big news. Hell is full! No one can enter anymore. But what the hell does that mean? LOL. Well, I think it means you either go to heaven when you die or you just continue living here on earth. In other words, you won't die. Isn't that cool? But wait, let me try to figure this shit out.

First of all, who would be happy? I guess people who believe they even have the slightest chance of going to hell when they die either because they do bad things (i.e. "sin") or they simply don't belong to any particular religion that insists heaven is for members only.

So where do I stand? I'm not religious, so I probably should be happy, but I wanna know for sure cuz you see, I'm not a particularly "bad" person so there is a slim chance I will go to heaven. But then again, what are the criteria for being "bad?" Fu…

A Dark and Stormy Day

A little girl went to a convenient store on a stormy day, and saw something that disturbed her. Family friendly.

by Lynn WL

Author's note: This is a short story that I originally posted on Reddit. I have rewritten it in the first person.

It was a dark and stormy night, and it was still raining the following day into the afternoon.

I had just finished eating lunch and was sitting cross-legged on the couch watching TV. Schools were closed as many of the roads and buildings were flooded. It was a week before Halloween, my favorite holiday. Normally, it would be an exciting time, but today I was getting a little bored and kind of tired of the rain.

I actually loved the rain, especially dark and stormy nights. I would curl up in bed under the covers and read a ghost story book, and that's exactly what I did the night before. I loved being scared. Well, not too much, though. After all, I was only 9. But this weather had been a little too much even for me. I wished the sun h…