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The woman by the lake near Houston

My girlfriend and I camped out by a lake north of Houston. We were still having lots of fun in the wee hours when we heard a woman sobbing. We went to check it out, and I really wish we hadn't.

by Lynn WL

Shelley and I had been best friends since elementary school. We had many things in common, and loved each other's company. In middle school I came to realize that I was bi, and I was physically attracted to my best friend, but I kept it to myself for obvious reasons.

In the last year of high school she shocked everyone (especially the boys who had a crush on her and were greatly disappointed) by coming out as a lesbian. I then opened up to her and told her I had always been attracted to her. To my pleasant surprise, she told me the feeling was mutual. But we didn't get into a romantic relationship immediately since I had a boyfriend at the time.

Shelley and I went to the same college the first year, during which I broke up with my boyfriend and subsequently started "…