The woman by the lake near Houston

My girlfriend and I camped out by a lake north of Houston. We were still having lots of fun in the wee hours when we heard a woman sobbing. We went to check it out, and I really wish we hadn't.

by Lynn WL

Shelley and I had been best friends since elementary school. We had many things in common, and loved each other's company. In middle school I came to realize that I was bi, and I was physically attracted to my best friend, but I kept it to myself for obvious reasons.

In the last year of high school she shocked everyone (especially the boys who had a crush on her and were greatly disappointed) by coming out as a lesbian. I then opened up to her and told her I had always been attracted to her. To my pleasant surprise, she told me the feeling was mutual. But we didn't get into a romantic relationship immediately since I had a boyfriend at the time.

Shelley and I went to the same college the first year, during which I broke up with my boyfriend and subsequently started "going out" with Shelley. She decided to pursue a career in the health field. She had relatives living in Houston, and they strongly suggested that she move there since Houston has the biggest medical center in the world, and there would be plenty of opportunities. Shelley took their advice which meant we would have a long distance relationship which kinda sucked.

Last year I visited her over Thanksgiving break. She lived in an apartment on the outskirts of Houston. She said the rent was cheaper there, and being located near the woods, it was really peaceful and quiet. Quite far from the hustle and bustle. Shelley had an old Toyota Tacoma that her uncle let her use, and she didn't mind driving a bit everyday to school.

We decided to go to the Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF) which is about 50 miles northwest of Houston, and opens on weekends during the Fall, including Thanksgiving Friday. One of the things we had in common was the love of going barefoot, and Shelley said the TRF was a great place for that. The weather was unseasonably warm which was wonderful. So we both dressed as gypsy girls, and didn't wear or even bring any footwear.

We had planned to visit on Friday and Saturday. We would camp out on Friday night as we both loved nature, and it would save us money on lodging. The TRF had a campground but we would have to pay. Shelley knew the perfect place where we could camp out for free. It was a few miles away, but definitely worth it for us budget-tight college students. It was by a small lake, and we were the only ones there which was really cool.

We had a blast at the TRF, and the excitement continued well into the night. We went wild and crazy in our tent where we stripped and got high. I'll spare you the details on what else we did since its not really relevant. Suffice it to say, we had the time of our lives.

At around 3 AM we heard something weird. It was the sound of a woman sobbing. Who the fuck could be wandering out there at that hour? As far as we knew there were no other campers nearby. At first I thought I was hallucinating. I asked Shelley, "Did you hear that?"

To my surprise she nodded and said, "uh huh..." So it must of been real for we both couldn't be hallucinating the same shit.

I told her we should take a look and see who it was, and if they were in need of help. I unzipped the tent and stepped outside. "Wait, shouldn't we put clothes on?" asked Shelley.

"Nope, its dark, no one can see us, and we won't go very far," I replied. Shelley giggled. She was thrilled by the idea. The night air was a little chilly but refreshing. The sky was clear, and the moon was shining brightly. I was wrong saying no one could see us, for we could clearly see a woman standing by the lake. She had long black hair and was wearing a bluish-white robe. She was looking towards the lake, and was sobbing.

I was like, "What the fuck?"

"Shhh... let's go back in. She's probably not human," said Shelley softly.

"Don't be silly! We should probably ask her if she needs help."

"No, don't!" she exclaimed, then quickly covered her mouth. But it was too late. Her voice was loud enough to attract the woman's attention. She turned her head and then walked towards us.

"Oh fuck, let's get outta here!" said Shelley.

ghost womanChills ran down my spine, but my eyes were fixed on the woman. As she got closer I could see her face clearly. She was probably in her late twenties or early thirties. Tears were streaming down her cheeks, but despite that I could see her face was very beautiful. More beautiful than any girl I had ever seen. I was mesmerized by her beauty, and just stood there staring at her.

Meanwhile, Shelley went into the tent, grabbed her keys and started the truck. "Come on, Lynn!! Get in the fucking car!!" she screamed, but I didn't move. So she ran to me and yanked my arm. I snapped out and quickly jumped into the passenger seat.

Shelley bolted out of there and drove into the main highway with the tires screeching. She was driving really fast. I told her to slow down as we were not in our full state of mind and were completely naked, and getting into an accident or caught by police would be disastrous.

She agreed and complied. After driving for about 15 minutes she decided to pull over cuz she was getting woozy. She turned into a side street and stopped the car in a spot under some trees.

Our hearts were pounding, and we remained awake for a while, being on guard for any signs of the woman. But we only heard crickets and frogs, and an occasional owl. No weeping or anything like that. We finally breathed a sigh of relief and drifted off to sleep in the car.

I was awakened by birds chirping. I opened my eyes and saw the sun had fully risen. Shelley was still sleeping, so I woke her up. She turned on the ignition to see the clock. It was 7:30 AM. We looked at ourselves and giggled. We were both out in public (albeit in the car) wearing nothing but bracelets and anklets. We felt so... naughty! "What the fuck have we done?" I said, and we both laughed.

Shelley drove back to our tent. Good thing the windows were heavily tinted, so no one could see our naked bodies while we were on the highway. I asked her who/what she thought the woman was, and how she knew she wasn't human. She said she had no idea, and it was just her instinct.

We were grateful to find the tent intact, and nothing was missing, including our phones. We changed our plans, and decided not to go back to the Renaissance Festival as we were still kind of groggy, and wouldn't really enjoy it. So we got dressed, took down the tent, packed everything in the truck, and headed back to town.

We were relieved when we arrived at Shelley's apartment safely. We were starving. Luckily Shelley had some bread, so she made some toasts. After we ate we went to bed to catch up on some sleep. I slept like a baby, and it was already dusk when I opened my eyes.

Suddenly I smelled something strange. It was sort of musty. Actually, it was like the smell of wet soil when it first starts to rain, and it was quite strong. Funny thing was, it wasn't raining at all.

I rolled over to see if Shelley was awake. I never was prepared for what I was about to see. Someone was lying beside me, but it wasn't Shelley. It was the woman from the lake! Her robe was all wet, and she was staring at me with her wet hair covering half of her face. I screamed and jumped out of bed, and ran towards the door calling out to Shelley.

Then I heard her voice. "Lynn! What the fuck's going on? I'm right here!" I turned around and saw Shelley lying in bed. There was no one else there, and even the smell was gone.

I told her everything, but she didn't believe me. She said I was deeply affected by what happened at the campsite, and my mind was playing tricks on me for she had been lying there the entire time and didn't see or even smell anything weird. But I knew what I saw, and We had a big fight about it.

Later that night, after doing some thinking, she admitted that it might not have been my imagination. But it freaked her the fuck out because she believed the ghost woman had somehow attached herself to me. She then dropped the bomb. She said she still loved me and stuff, but she couldn't continue our relationship with the ghost being attached to me. She told me I should try to get some form of help.

I decided to stay out in the living room that night. Of course, the ghost woman could still appear there, but I just couldn't bring myself to sleep in the bed again after what I experienced earlier. Plus, why sleep with someone who no longer wants you, right?

I was so upset and couldn't sleep. Besides, I was too scared to sleep in case the ghost would come and kill me. So I spent the whole night watching TV and crying.

The next morning Shelley took me to the airport. She said we could still remain friends as we had been most of our lives, but we wouldn't be girlfriends anymore, and maybe we were not meant for each other after all. I was like, whatever!

So here I was, heartbroken all over again. I hoped Shelley was wrong, and the ghost wouldn't follow me home. We kept in touch through social media, but our relationship had become so superficial that it kind of saddened me. But I was relieved that I never saw the ghost woman again. Shelley asked if I ever tried to get help get rid of the ghost. I told her no, since I didn't believe the ghost followed me. But she never said anything about getting back together.

Then came the shocking news. During hurricane Harvey that caused major flooding in Houston, I got a call from Shelley's mom. She was incoherent, but eventually managed to tell me the story. Shelley's apartment wasn't flooded, but one of her friend's house was, so she decided to go pick her up and bring her friend to her apartment. It was starting to get dark, and on the way there she was caught in a flash flood. It happened so fast that she couldn't escape.

She called 911 but help was not available immediately. She called her mom, and they both panicked, but there wasn't much they could do. Her mom stayes on the phone with her. At one point Shelley said she saw a woman approaching her in in the flood water. She throught she was trying to help,but then her mon heard her scream, and her phone went dead. They latter found her car with her dead body inside.

I almost fainted . I can only imagine how fucking horrofyng it must been for Shelley and her mom.My han ds are shakingas I'm tipyng thi s .I dont know if Ill ever re cover from this.


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