A Visit With God

God was making rounds visiting people trying to convince them of his existence. Read the interesting conversation he had with a young girl. 

by Lynn WL

It's 6 pm and I'm done with all my classes for the day. I head to the park on campus and plan on doing some studying while waiting for my big sister Tania so we can go home together.

There are not very many people around, and there are lots of empty benches but I prefer to sit on the grass. So I take off my flip flops and sit cross legged leaning against a big tree. I'm a nature lover and this is definitely better than sitting in the library. I take out my notes from my backpack and start reading.

Suddenly out of nowhere I hear a gentle voice. "Good evening, Lynn," it says. I'm a little startled and I turn my head back. There's an old man standing behind me. He has gray hair and beard, and is wearing a white robe. Normally I would stand up and confront him or probably run away. But his face looks so pleasant and kind that I don't feel threatened at all.

"Oh, good evening, sir. Who are you"? I ask.

"I'm God," says the man.

I immediately giggle as it sounds so funny. "Well, have a seat uh... God!" I reply, trying hard not to laugh anymore. So he sits down on the grass facing me.

"So, how did you know my name?" I ask him again.

"Well, I 'm God. I know everything," he replies with a smile.

"Are you serious? Please don't tell me you have come to take me home to heaven!" I say half jokingly.

"No, no! That's not my job. That's the angel's job. Besides, what makes you think you're going to heaven? You've been a pretty bad girl lately!" says God, and his face turns serious.

"Oh yeah?! What makes you say that?" I challenge him.

"Well, you lied to your mom about where you were and what you were doing last Saturday night, and because you didn't study for your math test, you weren't prepared, so you decided to cheat!"

I'm totally shocked cuz every word he says is true. I won't go into details about what I did though, cuz this blog would have to be tagged differently, lol.

"How the fuck do you know all this!?" I exclaim, still in shock.

"Hey, watch your language and show some respect! I've been telling you I'm God, so I know everything!" he says with a very stern voice.

I open my mouth to apologize but he continues with a much toned-down voice. "Besides, you're such a beautiful girl, you shouldn't be using such rotten words."

I'm not sure if I should say "thank you," so I'm like, "Ok, ok, so you know I've been pretty bad. But do you remember anything good I've done?"

"Well, of course! You made me smile when you helped that old lady cross the busy street some time ago, and you rescued the little kitten that fell into the river."

Again, he shocks me. "Fu.. I mean, wow! You know all that too?!"

He smiles and nods his head. "You see Lynn, you're basically a good girl, but you're very free-spirited and sometimes you go overboard and become rebellious. You just need to watch yourself so you don't get into any serious trouble. And that's why I decided to pay you a little visit today. To have this little talk."

"Well, I don't know, God. I'm a little confused. I have never really believed in you. I've always thought you were the product of human's imagination. Now here I am sitting face to face with you, and you have done a pretty good job trying to convince me that you are indeed...YOU! But I'm still not 100% convinced. I mean you could be..."

God raises his hands and says, "It's ok my child. I completely understand. A lot of people have trouble believing in things they cannot perceive with their five senses. That's why I'm trying to help them out by visiting them so they can see that I'm real. Well, I need to get going. I still have a busy schedule ahead of me."

God gets up and starts to walk away. "Remember, be a good girl!" he says winking at me.

I'm still kind of mesmerized and don't know what to say. So, there is a God after all? Really? I turn my head around to take one last look at him, but he's nowhere in sight.

I close my eyes trying to make sense of all that just took place. Suddenly, I feel a gentle tap on my shoulder and there's a soft voice calling my name, "Lynn..."

Is that God again, back so soon? Well, it can't be cuz the voice is a girl's. I open my eyes and there stands Tania. "You look tired, let's go home," she says.

"God, I must have fallen asleep. I had this fucking weird dream..." I tell her all about my dream of meeting God while walking to our car, and we both laughed.

It's almost midnight. I'm ready to go to bed, but I want to check my email real quick. I scan my inbox for something interesting. One particular email catches my eye. The subject line says "Thank you" but there's no sender name or address. So I click on it and read the short message:

"Thank you, Lynn for spending some time with me. I really enjoyed our little chat. Perhaps we should do it again."

That's it. No signature or anything else. Hmm... I wonder who it could be from. Probably one of the guys I met at school. I turn off my computer and climb into bed.

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