Mom told us about the faceless ghost

It was Friday, Halloween night. Mom wanted to give us a special treat, so she told us the story of the faceless ghost. Family friendly.

by Lynn WL

The following happened when I was 9 years old. I was sharing a room with my big sister at the time, but on weekends during the warmer months I would camp out in the backyard with my 8 year old little brother Kevin. It was a lot of fun, and we both always looked forward to it.

faceless ghost
Faceless ghost
That year Halloween fell on Friday which was an extra treat for us since we could stay up later. We had a blast trick-or-treating. I dressed as a witch, and Kevin a pirate. We got a boat load of candy, and when we got home we immediately went into the tent. As we were sorting out the candy mom suddenly appeared in front of the tent. We were both startled as we weren't expecting it, and we didn't hear any footsteps.

"Whoa, kids, go easy with the candy now, OK! Or you will have a hard time sleeping!" she said.

"Sure, mom!" we replied.

"Hey, since this is a weekend Halloween, I thought I would give you a special treat. How would you like to hear a ghost story?" asked mom.

Kevin and I were like, "Yaaay!" since we loved ghost stories.

"But are you sure you'll be able to sleep?" she asked?

"Oh yeah, mom, we love spooky stories! Please, please, tell us some!"

"Alright, but I'm just gonna tell you one story, cuz it's pretty scary," she said as she sat down on the ground.

You see, our mom was the disciplinarian and very strict, so we weren't very close to her. We were closer to our dad who was really easy going. The last time mom told us a story was when we were 4 and 5 years old. She often told me that I read too many ghost stories which she didn't like because with my overactive imagination, I would often "see things" and get scared. So we were surprised when she wanted to tell us a ghost story that night. But it being Halloween and all, we were only too excited to hear a ghost story, especially from mom.

Mom told us a story about the faceless ghost which is actually a famous folklore where we live and also in some Asian countries. The story really spooked us out, and by the time she finished we were both having goosebumps, and our mouths were wide open. "Mom, that was really scary! Now you gotta sleep here with us." I said half jokingly cuz we would be less afraid, but uncomfortable if she were to sleep there with us.

"Hahaha, I warned you didn't I? I gotta go back inside now or dad is gonna think I got captured by a ghost, hahaha! Sleep tight, kiddos!" she said as she walked out of the tent. I thought her reaction was a bit odd as she very rarely laughed and would never make jokes like that.

I closed the tent, and Kevin and I looked at each other as if saying, "What now? We're too terrified too sleep." But Kevin always looked up to me as an older sibling, so I had to be brave, or at least give the impression that I was. So I said, "It's getting late. Let's go to sleep."

"I don't think I can sleep. What if... the faceless ghost comes to visit us?" he said.

"Oh Kevin, please don't say that. Try not to think about it and let's just go to sleep, OK!" I replied with a shaky voice which I was hoping he didn't notice. I had an image to maintain, you see. But I actually felt like crying because what he said really scared me. I wished mom hadn't told us the story, and wished she would have stayed.

We both lay there in the dark with eyes wide open listening to the crickets chirping outside. "Let's close our eyes and try to sleep," I said. But we couldn't sleep. In fact, my eyes welled up, and I couldn't help sniffling.

"Are you crying?" asked Kevin.

"No silly, It's allergies." I replied wiping my eyes and nose with my hands.

A few minutes later he said, "Lynn... I'm still scared."

"Me too," I replied hesitantly. It helped to be honest, though. "Hey, you wanna go inside? We can sleep in your room," I said. His room was right across the hallway from our parents' which would be quite comforting, and he had a double bed which would be big enough for both of us.

"Yeah, lets do that!" he replied with excitement.

So we held hands and ran towards the back door. As soon as we got inside, I bolted the door and we walked gingerly to Kevin's room as we didn't want to wake up our parents.

When we got into his room, again I locked the door and we both climbed into bed. We felt more secure being inside the house and close to our parents, so we soon fell asleep.

We were awakened by mom knocking at the door and hollering at us. "Lynn, Kevin, are you in there? Wake up and open the door!" I looked at the clock, and it was 10:30 AM. We had overslept. I jumped out of bed and opened the door.

"Why are you in here? I went looking for you in the tent, and I got worried when I saw you weren't there. You must have stayed up really late last night!" she scolded.

"Well, we couldn't sleep after you told us that scary ghost story. We were scared, so we decided to sleep inside." I replied while rubbing my eyes.

"What?! What are you talking about? Who told you a ghost story?" said mom which shocked Kevin and me.

"You did, mom. It was about the faceless ghost," said Kevin.

"Hah, don't be silly! I would never tell you such a story. You know I don't like you two reading scary stories. Telling you one would be the most ridiculous thing!" she barked.

"But mom, you came to the tent last night and told us you wanted to give us a special treat because it was a weekend Halloween, and you offered to tell us a spooky ghost story," I said.

"Look, I don't know what you kids are trying to pull here, but I'm not amused! Now go wash up, and eat your breakfast!" she yelled.

Kevin and I looked at each other confused. But before we could say anything else, mom screamed, "Hurry up! Do you want me to spank you?!"

So we kept quiet and did as we were told. Later we told dad everything, but he confirmed that mom was indeed with him in the bedroom all night. She never left. We were really frightened as we wondered who or what it was that came into our tent and told us the story of the faceless ghost.

Kevin and I thought our parents were trying to pull a Halloween prank on us, but on the other hand, they both thought we were the ones doing it to them, and told us to cut it out. We were so frustrated but there was nothing we could do.

We didn't dare to sleep in the tent the next night. Since the colder months were around the corner anyway, dad took down the tent, and we never camped out in the backyard anymore since then. Even to this day Kevin and I still have chills down our spines when we remember that night.


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