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Room 17B

Room 17B holds a dark secret. As dark as the corridors of that old hospital.

by Lynn WL

Hospitals are some of the places that give me the heebie jeebies. I associate them with suffering and death. There's also the possibility of them being haunted as so many people die there. I partly grew up in an Asian country where many of the hospitals are old, and I used to be creeped out going into a hospital.

First, you would be greeted by this typical smell of disinfectant as you walked in. Then you would see patients on wheelchairs and gurneys, some of them whimpering in pain. I remember one time I saw a woman on a gurney with blood stains on the sheet which really freaked me out. Above all, I imagined the ghosts of patients as well as doctors and nurses roam those dark and old buildings.

This past summer after completing my freshman year in college I had the chance to visit my country of birth. My grandparents from my mother's side and a few other relatives still live there. I travel…

A Visit With God

God was making rounds visiting people trying to convince them of his existence. Read the interesting conversation he had with a young girl.

by Lynn WL

It's 6 pm and I'm done with all my classes for the day. I head to the park on campus and plan on doing some studying while waiting for my big sister Tania so we can go home together.

There are not very many people around, and there are lots of empty benches but I prefer to sit on the grass. So I take off my flip flops and sit cross legged leaning against a big tree. I'm a nature lover and this is definitely better than sitting in the library. I take out my notes from my backpack and start reading.

Suddenly out of nowhere I hear a gentle voice. "Good evening, Lynn," it says. I'm a little startled and I turn my head back. There's an old man standing behind me. He has gray hair and beard, and is wearing a white robe. Normally I would stand up and confront him or probably run away. But his face looks so pleasa…